Electromechanical Jacks

Electromechanical lifting jacks are used in sets for the lifting of Railway Rolling stock such as Engines, Bogies etc for repairing in Railway Workshops. They are also used for general repair work of big automotive jobs and wherever synchronous lifting is required.


  • Available in 15T,25T,35T,50T capacity.
  • Lift height 1500mm to 2500mm.
  • Electrical/Electronic controls for synchronous lifting of all jacks.
  • Emergency all stop functions for safety.
  • Sensor for wear out and wear compensation.
  • All operation from common control panel.
Higher capacities and strokes are available on request.
Rated capacities and strokes are max. safe limits. As safe practice, use 80% of rated capacity.
Specifications are subject to change due to continual improvement.