Journal Jack

'BEMCO' Journal Jacks are light in weight and their low height makes them ideal for use even in the most congested locations. These are heavy duty maintenance free jacks ideal for use in erection of machinery, industrial plants, bridge construction, Ship building work, Railway carriage and wagon, journal box servicing and on the spot checking.


Model Capacity (Ton) Closed Height (CH) Lift 'L' Head Dia 'H' Base Dia 'B' Approx Weight kgs
15J10 15 254 127 120 69 18
25J10 25 254 127 152 95 23
35J/10 35 254 127 152 95 25
50J12 50 304 114 215 95 46
Higher capacities and strokes are available on request.
Rated capacities and strokes are max. safe limits. As safe practice, use 80% of rated capacity.
Specifications are subject to change due to continual improvement.