Hollow Ram Jacks - Single Acting

Used with LSHC/LDHC Series Jacks For removal of bearings, bushes, sprockets etc..


  • Hollow ran design make these cylinders versatile in pulling operations apart from their usual pushing characteristic. A bar/rope passing through and attached suitably to the ran pushes or pulls the load connected at the other end when the ram moves under pressure.
  • Heat treated alloy steel body.
  • Ram return by spring pressure.
  • Cylinder base provided with fixing holes.
  • Threading on cylinder body, surface treatment on cylinder can be provided on request.
  • Working pressure 700 bar
  • Cylinders tested to ANSI standards.

Higher capacities and strokes are available on request.
Rated capacities and strokes are max. safe limits. As safe practice, use 80% of rated capacity.
Specifications are subject to change due to continual improvement.