General Purpose Jacks - Double Acting, Plain Ram

These cylinders are suitable for all operations where cycle time is of prime importance and ram return need to be controlled by oil pressure. These are ideal for industrial production, hydraulic presses, construction work and pile testing.


  • Capacity: 10 Ton to 1000 Ton
  • Stroke: 50mm to 300mm.
  • Max Working Pressure: 700 Bar
  • Safety Relief Valve in return port, incase of overload
  • Double Acting Cylinder Design for speedy return
  • Base Mounting Holes and Collar Threads for mounting in any position
  • Withstands Eccentric Load of 5% of rated capacity
  • Tilting Heads are an optional feature
  • Chrome Plated Rams for Corrosion Resistance
  • Plunger Wipers to avoid cylinder contamination
  • Tilting Saddle for 500T and above. Optional for Lower Capacities.
  • Optional Tilting Saddle available as per request.
Higher capacities and strokes are available on request.
Rated capacities and strokes are max. safe limits. As safe practice, use 80% of rated capacity.
Specifications are subject to change due to continual improvement.